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Rory & Cian first met whilst at university, volunteering at the student non-profit initiative 100minds, to help children in need around Ireland receive a real education, before also working together at the Irish Student Consulting Group.

Having realised the power of effective networking & professional branding early in their careers, they founded the Digital Road to help every professional become their greatest self in the eyes of the working world.

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With experience spanning multiple leading startups & multinational companies within media, technology & more; the two caffeine addicted 'marketing geeks' discovered their passion for helping others to unlock the power of identity & ignite their digital network.

Cian, a theoretical physicist by training, was intrigued while at university by the challenges in how modern businesses use and apply ever-expanding data to make strategic decisions and drive growth.  An entrepreneur-in-spirit, Cian took previous roles supporting exciting new businesses at the innovative startup co-working space DogPatch Labs and marketing-tech leader HubSpot, before joining Web Summit as Fintech Startup Lead. He has recently joined Qualtrics Research On Demand as a Market Research Consultant.

Rory began his career in multinational tech whilst completing a project management internship at Microsoft in 2014.  Fascinated by the way technology is constantly shifting the way people connect and build relationships around the world digitally, Rory endeavoured to learn more about the companies and products that were on the cutting edge of marketing-tech.  Following Microsoft he joined ad-tech startup Quantcast, before his most recent role advising on B2B marketing strategy at LinkedIn.


We are always on the lookout for the best and freshest thoughts and perspectives on professional branding, digital networking & more and would love to hear your thoughts!  If you are interested in contributing a piece to our blog, please get in touch here.

Views and opinions expressed are our strictly those of the authors and do not represent those of our past or current employers.