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In an environment where every job posting sees tens if not hundreds of high quality applications, how do you make your application stand out?

While your LinkedIn profile and cover letter are very important aspects of the application, your CV is vital.  As the the window to your most relevant skills and experience, your CV must showcase you in the best light, the brightest terms and in the briefest amount of words.  Your CV is what the interviewer holds in front of them when questioning you and what will inform all the competency-based questions you receive, so let's make sure they are informed to your advantage.

We can:

  • Provide you with templates that lay out your CV optimising form and function.
  • Showcase your career trajectory in a unique way to impress every recruiter.
  • Maximise the information you provide so your CV dictates what experiences you will be questioned on.
  • Critically analyse your professional experience and identify achievements relevant to the career you want.

Looking for inspiration for your Linkedin profile?

Please don't hesitate to connect with us to see how you can tell your story.